• Liberty Village Then+Now

    These mashups feature photos taken decades apart at the same locations, contrasting past and present and demonstrating Liberty Village's  immense transformation. The aim is to reveal, and revere, what remains of the area's former purpose and historical importance.

    1. Baseball: Built in 1877, the Toronto Central Prison chapel was also used by Inglis during WWII to manufacture guns. In 1941, workers take a break from manufacturing to play baseball . Today the heritage property overlooks LV park.

    2. Carpet Factory 1920-2014: In 1899, Toronto Carpet Manufacturing Company built an impressive factory, state-of-the art in its time. Today, it houses some of Toronto's most forward-looking tech companies.

    3. Liberty Street 1915-2014: During WWI, the corner of Liberty at Dufferin was used to house munitions made at nearby factories. Now, the street is home to thousands of new residents.